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ACH Payments

   No More Paper Invoices, Paper Checks,                  & Time-Consuming Trips

                         To The Bank.

Reduce transaction costs and streamline cash flow

What is ACH and why should you care about it? Also known as “direct payments,” ACH payments are a way to transfer money from one bank account to another without using paper checks, credit card networks, wire transfers, or cash. 


The Automated Clearing House is designed to process batches of payments. ACH’s low fees make it the perfect choice for lower-value payments like utility bills, insurance premiums, mortgages, and other bills. 


Give more payment options to customers 

The rise of virtual transactions means it’s time to think beyond credit cards for payment acceptance. ACH lets customers pay directly from their bank, removing the middleman. 


Not only does that mean it charges much lower fees than credit cards, but it also offers a great alternative to the growing number of millennials and other consumers opting out of credit card use to avoid debt. 

ACH payments are already integrated inside the JollyPayments Virtual Terminal giving you more options to ACH "Direct payments" or known as "E-check." Give your business the ability to accept credit cards and ACH payments today!

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As a consumer, it’s likely you’re already familiar with ACH payments, even though you might not be aware of the name ACH. If you pay your bills electronically (instead of writing a check or entering a credit card number) or receive direct deposit from your employer, the ACH network is in action.

Providing different payment options makes for a better customer experience. With ACH payments, your customers don’t have to search for their checkbook every month. You can email, send a payment link, e-invoice, take ACH over the phone or recurring billing. They can just “set it and forget it” by signing up for recurring billing. You can do this and more with our Merchant Virtual Terminal.

No longer do you need to chase down your customers for their payment information. 

        As a recipient of ACH payments, you’ll no longer hear,

                              “The check is in the mail.”

For businesses, ACH payments are a popular alternative to paper check and credit card payments. Because they’re electronic, ACH payments are faster and more reliable than checks, thereby helping to automate and streamline accounting.


Generally, it also costs less to process an ACH transfer than a credit card payment or wire transfer. If you’re a business that accepts B2B or Customer recurring payments, the savings can be significant.

ACH Processing will enable you to send payments or accept a check by web or phone, set up recurring payment plans, issue payments for direct deposit of payroll or expense checks, and convert paper checks into electronic checks.

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The Automated Clearing House, or ACH, network now sits firmly at the center of America’s bustling economy. In 2016:

  • More than 24 billion electronic payments passed through millions of financial portals, totalling more than $41 trillion in transactions.

  • More than 5 billion direct deposits ensured the swift delivery of funds to payees.

  • ACH business-to-business transactions grew by over 8 percent year over year.

The convenience of the ACH network, and their statistics demonstrate its benefits to companies that have not yet taken the leap to electronic financial management.

Benefits of Accepting ACH

        E-Check  Payments


      Increased conversion by offering an additional payment

             option at checkout, e-invoicing or over the phone 

Lower Transaction Costs. ACH transactions typically have the lowest fees of any payment method.You're able to invoice clients using fewer materials (i.e. paper, ink, stamps). There are no more visits to the post office. And you don't have to pay employees to process each statement.

Fewer late and missing bills. You’re able to accept payments around the clock — even after business hours. Plus, your customers no longer have to take time out of their day to find stamps or visit the post office. All deductions occur automatically. You send send over or take payment over the phone instantly.

Higher customer retention. Think about all the gym memberships and cable TV subscriptions that continue generating huge revenues simply because the payments remain out of sight and out of mind. Unless a user manually opts out of recurring billing, the payments keep coming.

Checking accounts don’t have things that “expire” like credit and debit cards. So you deal with far fewer declines when processing ACH payments.

Faster Funding. Unlike a paper check, which may have to go through the mail, an ACH payment is paid online, cutting down on processing time. ACH payments are also given preferred funding over paper checks, meaning that banks will usually process an ACH payment before a paper check. Both of these features ensure that you’ll get your funds faster than with a traditional check.


Convenience.  ACH payments make the payment process easier for potential customers compared to writing a check, increasing chances of converting them to a sale.​ And, in the case of recurring

purchases, payments via ACH can be automatic - meaning the customer doesn’t need to worry about receiving and paying a bill, removing that element of friction in their relationship with your business.

Human Error. Electronic ACH payments cut down on human errors and the ensuing time spent fixing them. Human errors cost businesses both time and money. According to Graziadio Business Review, estimated that data loss episodes caused by human errors cost businesses, on average, $217 in lost productivity. With ACH checks, you eliminate the chance for human mistakes to occur. No more lost checks or errors.

Security. According to the AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, paper checks were the payment method most subjected to fraud in 2014. And it's no surprise; checks get lost in the mail, people steal your identity, they are susceptible to tampering and subject to error. ACH/Direct Deposit payments are much safer, faster, and reduce the risk of fraud or tampering by directly transferring funds from our bank to yours.

Who Should Use ACH?

Just about anyone who processes transactions is eligible to use the ACH network, but there are certain merchants who might benefits more than others: 

ACH Payments:
ACH Payments:

ACH Check Processing 


JollyPayments Merchant Virtual Terminals is already integrated with our ACH processing solution for ACH check services. So that you can accept or send ACH payments from the same portal as credit card processing terminal. Save ACH information for future billing, or key-in a one-time transaction. You can even setup recurring ACH payments. ACH payments are easy, quick, and importantly – they’re cheaper than credit cards. 

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       B2B EPay ACH Fluidpay Gateway Pricing

      $30 Monthly +  $0.25 cents per transaction


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Compare gateways our gateways

       Our ACH Is Fully integrated in our

                     Virtual Payment



Accepting payments: Our ACH is fully integrated for accepting, receiving payments from your customers in our JollyPayments virtual terminal/gateway.

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