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Benefits And Features B2B Automatic Level III

You may receive a significant reduction in interchange rates in Business, Corporate and or Government Purchasing payments as well as Large Ticket sales on Commercial cards with no additional data entered thanks to our Technology .

Grow your business with leading B2B technology


         It no longer takes time, effort and sacrificing      customer experiences to get lower processing rates.

If you could pay less in payment processing fees, you would – unless qualifying for lower fees was time-consuming, and the process could negatively impact good customer experiences. That’s the position where many Level III merchants find themselves. Level III processing, especially for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) transactions, can represent significant savings if merchants provide required data, but the process of submitting that data has a downside that can outweigh the cost savings.

The Data that Upgrades Transactions to Level III Processing


Level III processing requires more detailed data, a lot of which merchants might not even know what it means. This information can include freight or shipping costs, product details such as SKU or other identifier, quantity, unit of measure, and other data, when applicable, such as duty, expiration date, invoice or purchase order number, commodity code and discounts.

For card-not-present sales, the merchant or the customer would have to enter additional information so that the transaction could be processed at a lower Level III rate. Meeting requirements could mean payment experiences that are more time-consuming and, perhaps, frustrating for employees and customers.

Some have tried to use multiple payment gateways in an attempt to verticalize their offerings for their B2B and B2G merchants to qualify for Level III processing more easily while still providing all the payments functionality they need. Instead of solving the problem, however, this strategy often creates new ones due to added complexity and effort to maintain multiple platforms. Two gateways means keeping up to date with two merchant onboarding procedures, two teams of relationship managers, and two different response codes. providing multiple gateways leads to wasted time and resources when one full-featured gateway is really all you need.

The Solution: Automatic Level III


We now offer the most comprehensive solution that Level III merchants are looking for: Automatic Level III. Using our B2B software, powered by PayTace, with automatic Level III, you can be confident that you qualify for the best possible rates for all purchasing and corporate cards.


The proprietary technology identifies the proper data fields necessary to meet the preferred Interchange categories for all major card brands.


Connecting the front office payment system with the back office.


Small and medium-sized businesses can streamline the accounts receivable process in one swoop.

No more jumping in and out of systems. How sweet is that?

Not only do we simplify this process, our turn-key technology allows you to use your existing software.

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Our Payment Processing Platforms Work Seamlessly with PayTrace Software

Adding Value to Your Business


Our Automatic Level III processing is a game-changer for merchants. For high-dollar B2B or B2G sales, the difference between Level II and Level III rates can mean savings of tens or hundreds of dollars per transaction, adding up to immediate and significant savings.


 B2B Interchange  Savings Example



A typical Visa Purchasing card has an interchange rate of 2.50% + $0.10. For a $5,000 this comes to $125.10. If all required Level III data is provided, the interchange rates drops to 1.90% + $0.10 transaction, showing a savings of $30. This is a 27% reduction.


A typical MasterCard Corporate card has an interchange rate of 2.65% + $0.10. For a $5,000 sale, this comes to$132.60. If all required Level III data is provided, the interchange rate drops to 1.90% + $0.10 transaction, showing a savings of $37. This is a 33% reduction.


On a $12,000 sale, Visa Purchasing CNP rate is 2.70% and $0.10 which comes to $324.10.
On this same sale the Merchant may qualify for VISA Large Ticket Level III which has an interchange rate of 1.45% + $35 per item fee which comes to $210. That’s a savings of $114!

All corporate cards are processed at some type of business. Think about the following examples:

▪  An electrician, plumber or contractor may use his card at a hardware or supply store

▪  A business owner or property manager may use her card to pay plumbers, electricians

    and contractors

▪  The pizza shop owner purchases his tomatoes and flour from a supplier. That supplier needs to have his delivery             truck repaired at the local repair shop, that shop has to buy their truck parts from the parts supplier.

    These are all B2B transactions and you can save merchants hundreds of dollars or more in interchange simply by             activating B2B!


Let us help optimize/reduce your B2B interchange fees by qualifying your transactions at Level II and Level III rates.

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