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 High Risk Accounts 

High Risk Merchant Account? No Sweat!

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Account enrollment for specialty merchants in any market

We don't particularly care what industry you're in Why? Because we believe all merchants deserve customized payment acceptance programs and personal attention. Need an ecommerce solution? We'll get you up and running in no time.


Opening up a retail shop? No sweat. In a specialty market ? No        problem.

In fact, no industry is too small, too niched, too large or too specialized. the fact is, when you partner with our team, you'll receive  a custom-tailored, hands-on approach you won't get from any other payments partner. 

Partner with our team, the payment processing experts who leverage more than 25 years of experience to deliver customized solutions and a level of merchant support you just won't get from any other processor.

Merchant Accounts for businesses are classified as risky for many reasons, including brand new business, poor credit history, operates in a high risk industry, processes a high volume of transactions or high ticket transaction values.

                      In-House services


Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing we have our team has it's own in-house Risk and Underwriting Departments plus in-house chargeback reporting, leaving you with one reliable point of contact.

We’re dedicated to helping you and your business process credit cards. Here are just a few features our systems and integrations provide:

Risk Assessment 


Customer Service 

Tech Support

By having all of these departments under one roof, we're able to:

When you call us you won't just be dialing a number hoping you'll somehow get connected to someone, anyone who can help you. Instead, you'll leverage a boutique-style approach to customer service. One where you'll know the name of the person to call and better still: you know they'll be able to help you with whatever prompted you to pick up the phone in the first place

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