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       When businesses offer our dual pricing, They have the ability to profit the                        same from credit transactions that you do with cash transactions.

The Best Dual Pricing Program In The USA

Edge is a unique program that supports a dual-price model for all goods and services, allowing businesses to experience the same profit margins on all transactions.


Dual Pricing is ideal for merchants in any industry.

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Services & Non-Profits




Beauty & Fitness

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We Provide You With What Your Need

  • Free signage to explain to your customers the program.

  • Free Edge Dual Pricing software

  • Choose from several POS systems

  • Our Software provides you with access to programs and technology that makes this happen easily for you

What Edge Discounting Eliminates?

  • No Monthly or Annual Cost

  • No Statement Fee

  • No Batcher Header Fee

  • No PCI Compliance Fee

  • No Contract Commitment 


Cash Price          Credit Price

Our fully automated software enables the merchant to set the retail price at an item level for each item (paying by card or paying by cash).

This is similar to how gas stations have two prices depending on the payment method. 

All Items have two prices.


Our dual price software gives the customer at check out the opportunity to save if they pay with cash and save for the overall purchase. If they choose to pay with credit there is no cash savings and are charged the regular retail price.


Our dual pricing software program works with several POS Systems.

When your customer checks out at the point-of-sale, our software knows, in real time, how to adjust the transaction to offset any costs. 

The software adjustment means, your customer is providing you the same profit margins, whether they pay in cash or not. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

How Our Program Is Better Than All Others


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We offer a premier dual pricing program. Our cash discounting programs offer customers ways to save paying with cash. We offer messaging for the merchant to display, informing customers that they have cash and non-cash pricing. The customer can pay with cash and save.

                         Edge Dual Pricing Program is NOT a

                                       Surcharge Program

What is a surcharge?

A surcharge is a fee that vendors can add onto credit card transactions to make up the cost they’re charged by the credit card association. The Surcharge or fee is added towards the price of a good or service and is usually added towards an existing tax. 40 states in the US allow surcharge fees to customers who pay with credit card. The remaining states that prohibit surcharges are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas. Surcharges, however, cannot be assessed on debit cards.

They are added simply for the privilege of using a credit card. Typically, surcharges are based on a specific percentage of the total price of goods or services before taxes are assessed.

What is the difference?

Dual pricing programs are not card surcharges because they do not levy a fee that is added to a credit card transaction.” Instead, they do the opposite. They give you as a business owner an opportunity to provide a discount off of the advertised sales price to your customers. Unlike surcharge programs, dual price programs are seen in a better light, and fare better with the end- consumers. 


Edge Dual Pricing Program Is Not Those Other "Cash Discount" Program!

Are you using some other "Cash Discount" Program? Are you Running A compliant Cash Discount Program? How Do You Know?


Some Companies promote a cash discount program that's really a surcharge program. We are a dual pricing program giving your customer a choice!

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  • Do you have a line item on the receipt that indicates a fee to the cardholder?

  • Did your processor register you with the card brands to run a surcharge program? 

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If So, Switch Today Be Compliant and Enjoy the benefits Of Our Program

              Just Some Of The Benefits

              of our Dual Pricing Program

Our Program Eliminates:
Our Program:

No matter what business you’re in, we can            give you a competitive Edge.

Dual Pricing is ideal for merchants in any industry.

Image by Jay Wennington




Services & Non-Profits




Beauty & Fitness

           Use Dual Pricing in-store, online, or on-the-go!


Compatible with all types of payments, including traditional magstripe cards, EMV chip cards, and NFC contactless. It even works with industry leading payment devices like our gateway mobile smart solution, which allow you to accept payments wherever you need to!


Virtual Payment Gateways


Counter Terminals & Mobile 

Our Software Automatically Shows Dual Pricing Non-Cash (Credit) & Cash Price

                  Our Software Program Integrates                               with several POS Systems 

JollyPayments has countless POS Systems that are certified and powered by our Processing Platforms. We offer Fast Funding, Next Day Funding, Great Rates, Integrated software, and our Dual Pricing Programs.

If your already using these systems we can integrate easily into your current system with the benefits of all we have to offer. If you would like us to help you upgrade or wanna demo any of our POS solutions we offer a free service through our in house POS demos.

We help you find the most cost effective and best point of sale system for your business. This of course, includes demos and training without any mark-ups and best of all it's a free service we offer!         

Getting the Bill

          Our Dual Pricing Program Gives                                 You A Competitive Edge 

If you’re interested in learning more about this program and how to implement it, please reach out to us. We would love to walk you through the complete Dual Pricing Program, step-by-step!

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