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   Online Ordering Made Easy



 Set up Online ordering fast! With our e-tab’s™custom branded online ordering              system. Get your restaurant and retail business ready for online ordering

                                        and curbside pickup in 2-3 hours!



  JollyPayments in-house online ordering platform powered by etab. Offering our                  special pricing with fast, no cost set up and our next day funding.

Powered by:


Software Fee $49/Month

          N0 set up fee


   Join the thousands of restaurants, food service, catering            companies and even curbside-delivery or pick up for                     retail businesses that are already using e-tab


              Build Your Brand!          

  Not Third Party Delivery Services

It's Your Revenue!    It's Your Brand!    It's Your Customer! 

You worked hard to create a brand your customers know and trust. Now give them the convenience and immediate access of web, mobile and line-busting options from your own custom branded website. Our ordering platform connects to your existing website or you can just use our platform as a stand-alone site. 


Stop relying on third party services that over charge you and your customer. Enjoy a Zero commission service with e-tab.

Your custom branded website offers your customers a direct way to order directly from your business and cut out the middleman. No more third party charges for you or your customer!

Stop giving away guest contact information! Your customers orders, information, and card on file stay with you. Giving your customer a easy reorder process and keeping the loyalty with your brand.


Your business can control the quality and accuracy of their online offering by not relying on third parties. Keeping your customers happy, which is good for you and the customer.


           70% of Consumers Prefer to Order Direct from               Restaurants, Not Third-Party Services


Keep Scrolling For Third Party Delivery Service Comparisons 

Fully Customized, Just Like Your Business


No two businesses are the same, yet most Online Ordering solutions offer a basic, rigid structure that limits your ability to stand out from the competition.


The e|tab platform offers a fully customizable ordering interface that can accommodate a wide variety of business types, including restaurants, caterers, retailers, and niche businesses looking to offer their customers simplified carryout, curbside, and delivery options.


e|tab even offers a fully contactless dine-in ordering solution for restaurants, allowing customers to order and pay from their own devices Perfect for establishments that want to use limited or no staff. 


Compete Like Never         Before


e|tab Online Ordering seamlessly integrates to your existing website and social media pages, allowing customers to transact with your business anywhere they can find you online.


e|tab’s ordering page is customized with your logo, color scheme, background, and images of your menu items to create a unique shopping experience for your customers. Businesses can leverage e|tab to offer customers specials and discount codes, and allow customers to save a card on file and access previous order history for a fast checkout experience.


The more your customers use e|tab, the more visible your business becomes online, allowing you to compete like never before.


White Glove Support from Start to Finish, and Beyond


Our team makes it easy and fast to get up and running with e|tab Online Ordering. We handle everything, including the menu build, install assistance, and training. Once you are ready to go live, our team remains on standby, ready to assist with anything you may need. Your business is our Priority.


 Online Ordering Made Easy!






At the office, relaxing at home, or on the go, e|tab makes placing orders a breeze! Using any web-enabled device, customers can simply call up your establishment’s online ordering site, browse the menu, make their selections and pay for their order. Yes: It's that easy







                   HAVE IT YOUR WAY

It's always great to have options, right? With e|tab, you have a variety of ways to receive orders once they have been placed by your customers, allowing you to choose the method (or methods) that best suit your existing workflow. Choose from tablet-based Order Management, Web-Connected Printing,  E-mail Notifications or Text Alerts: or mix-and-match to suit your preference








Taking all these new orders sounds exciting and the new revenue stream is going to be great! But... how do you receive your funds -and when? With e|tab, it couldn't be easier. Once a customer submits an order, it is immediately paid for; collecting is a guarantee. The payment is then booked for deposit and the funds are transferred to your account the next business day.






Putting technology to work for your business is a must in the new digital economy: but tech can be daunting - even frustrating - if it is not easy to understand and use. We get that, and our tools have been designed to make it simple for you to build and manage your menus and venue details. If you can use a web browser or mobile phone, you have all the skills to be a pro!

Online Ordering Facts


When questioned about online ordering and why they use it, 73% of consumers surveyed said they liked using technology to order food because they like placing orders quickly.

On the Phone


When self-serve “line busting” kiosks are deployed for customers to skip the wait by ordering and paying from a tablet, restaurants see lift of up to 300% in order velocity to the kitchen.



Over half (52%) of the consumers surveyed stated that they chose to use online ordering options from their favorite restaurants because they wanted to avoid waiting in line.



Restaurants that provide their customers with mobile and online ordering options are rewarded with average ticket sales that are 30% higher than competitors without this service.

       Custom Retail Online Ordering


Establishing and monetizing an online presence can be difficult, but in today’s fast paced, technology-driven environment, doing so is the key to operating a successful business. The options are endless; a quick internet search will turn up hundreds of options for eCommerce solutions, but most are extremely expensive to use, and challenging to set up without the right partner. JollyPayments is that right partner, and our e|tab Online Ordering is the right solution!


e|tab’s ordering page is customized with your logo, color scheme, background, and images of your menu items to create a unique shopping experience for your customers. e|tab Online Ordering seamlessly integrates to your existing website and social media pages, allowing customers to transact with your business anywhere they can find you online. You can also use our ordering platform software as a stand alone site if you do not have a website.

New PIC.png

Who is etab for?

Catering to Quick Service To Fine Dining Restaurants:
Many Types:

                                                         Its' simple, it's quick!

      Accept orders online just like the big chains with e|tab!


Here's what your business could be doing today:

  • Take orders from anywhere (mobile, tablet, any web-based device)

  • Merchant determines online ordering fee to offset cost

  • Receive orders the way you want (email, text, tablet, receipt printer)

  • Change your menu daily

  • Get your funds the next day

  • Stay open work with limited staff with our dine-in mobile device QR code order system.

JollyPayments rapid deployment program can get your business        ready for online ordering or curbside pickup in 2–3 hours!


              We handle everything, including the menu build,

                             install assistance, and training. 

Call Direct 904-373-8374

Just Some Of etabs Features

JollyPayments e|tab platform provides a comprehensive features that afford the independent restaurant operator all of the tools normally reserved for the “big boys” – at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, all of this functionality can be accessed from any Web or mobile device – making management simple.

cell Phone order.png

All Plans Include:

Plan Includes:
Plan Includes:
Plan Includes:

 Some Of Our Enhanced Features That Are                           Included In Our Plan


Increase efficiency!  etab handles all incoming orders though our online ordering system. Employees don't have to answer phones for any type of order: Carryout, curbside and or catering. No more order mistakes by employees. Customers can even order days out and the system will send the order only on that day and time.

etab Intelligent Ordering System

Order Throttling

  • Allows restaurants & retail businesses to set limits on how many orders to accept every 10 minutes. The automated software automatically does the rest. The system spreads ticket times out.

  • Creates order "Buckets" that can be filled by customer.

  • As buckets are filled, customers will be presented with a later pick up time

  • Helps business and restaurants manage order velocity during peak hours!

Kitchen Orders-2.png
text Car JollyPayments.png

Enhanced Curbside Pickup

  • etab collects the color and make/model of the customers vehicle.

  • At the time of pickup, the customer presses a button to alert the restaurant or business they have arrived.

  • The restaurant/business receives notification to the smart printer and order management interface. 

  • The order can be safely delivered to the customers vehicle.

Intelligent Delivery Zones

  • Set your delivery radius based on our smart intelligent delivery zones.

  • Set Delivery fee and order minimums based on delivery zones.

  • Set specific zones inside or outside your delivery radius down to a certain block.

  • Set specific times you only deliver and or turn delivery on or off

Delviery Area Radius.png
Phone order.png

Contactless Read-Only Menu

  • Customers can use their own mobile device to scan a QR code to access your online menu from our etab platform.

  • Customers are presented with a copy of the restaurants full dining menu, without ordering capabilities

  • Helps comply with any guidelines and saves the merchant money on paper menus. You can change the menu anytime without the cost of printing new ones.

Totally Contactless Dine-In Ordering

  • Customers us their own mobile device to scan a QR code to access etab and your menu

  • Customers enter the displayed table number, create their order, and submit payment.

  • Orders are sent immediately to the kitchen to be prepared and delivered to the customers table.

  • One of the only, contactless dine-in ordering options available. 

  • Great for any service that wants to set up orders like food trucks, festivals, any in-person ordering. A kiosk is the customers mobile device. 

  • Perfect for limited staff, bars, quick service food businesses.


*contactless dine-in ordering is available as a stand alone feature or you can add the service to our online ordering service.

Can Be Set For Restaurant or Hotel. Customer Enters                        Table Number and or Hotel Room


Back Office Order And Customer Management Dashboard

Your In Control Of Your Customer With etab

  • Customer creates profile for order history, creates card on file and can reorder easily on any device. Keep multiple card on file including corporate. 

  • Customer has ability for name ordering on orders through our etab platform. Customers profile attached to cell number. Easy 2 factor authentication, no password needed.

  • Your in control of your customer and the branding stays with your business, not a third party delivery service. 

  • Offer discounts, coupons, promotions. Create for individuals or groups. You can place a one time discount/promotion/coupon or a limited offer for a day an hour or as long as you want them. Use them to create business during slow times and connect them directly to social media. 

  • You can set the online orders to turn off at specific times or if you wish to pause at anytime. Create and change your menu as you like. 

  • Create notes on each customer like birthday reminder or preferences.


  • We give you total control which is crucial in any business.

  • Control tax rates, delivery zones, pause system, change menu, online payments, ​set online order time for breakfast, lunch, dinner menus, change update Photos, pricing, specials, look up orders.

  • Set convenience fees (that you keep), delivery fees.


  • Track discount codes


  • launch order management to see what orders are filled and are closed.  

  • Full reporting features of sales and orders

  • Set Prep times for pick up orders and prep times for catering (hours to days)


  • Set away messages for vacation or holidays. Turn on or off delivery at anytime

  • Set notifications to different departments or individuals via text, email to catering, delivery, carryout and even large order notifications. 


See How Dashboard Can Work For your Business


Marketing Support 

History has proven that “If you build it, they will come” sounds romantic, but is a losing business model. In order to extend your customers the convenience and access of online ordering, they must first be aware that it is available. Awareness is generated through pushing a clear message out to your target audience – and we can help. From tips and advice on best practices to templates for basic marketing tools, e|tab puts the resources at your fingertips.


         Flyers &



Window Signage


Table Tents


Social Media Guidelines


Coupons & Discounts


E-mail List Creation

Why etab Works With Your Brand!

Carryout         Curbside           Delivery              Dine-in           Catering

Online ordering built around your brand

cell Phone order.png
  • No More Third Party Fees

  • No More Giving Your Customers Away

  • 100% of Your Orders Stay In-House

  • Your In Control Of Everything 

  • Automated System Handles All Orders

  • Payments Paid When Order Sent

  • Next Day Funding

  • Zero Commission Charges, Free Cash orders

  • Intelligent Ordering System 

  • Backend Dashboard For Customer Order Management 

  • Your Online Systems Lives In Our Easy To Use Backend Platform.  Make Changes On The Fly.

  • You Keep The Convenience Fees 

  • Customers Adds Profile, Order History Easy Reorder

  • Customer Can Text On Arrival Notifying Business

  • Customer Can Use Name Ordering On Selections

  • Customer Can Use Promotions, Discounts Created by You

  • Customer & Business Not Charged Third party Fees

  • Customer Can Order Many Days Out

  • Customer Loyalty Stays With Your Business

  • Customer Can Use Contactless Dine-In QR Codes

  • Customer Can Use QR code-Just Read-Only Menu

  • Customer Loves The Automated System. No Employees Needed To Answer Phones For Orders Equals No Employee Mistakes.

Let's Compare The Competition                        


etab is a superior online ordering system that leverages your web presence and branding. etab helps generate orders and helps build brand recognition and brand loyalty. etab works with restaurants, food services, e-commerce and retail merchants.


                      $120 Month


                Our Special Pricing! 

                       $49 Month

                (This is not a trial offer)


60% Of Consumers Order Delivery Or Takeout once a week!

Compare Third party Delivery Services 


Directory Based Online Ordering Model


This Standard Model Limits Your Business:

  • Directory-based ordering site

  • Minimal customer branding & NO business control over listing

  • High commission fees for all orders (Cash or Credit, Carryout or Delivery)

  • Delays Business Funds

What's The Competition Do Well?

  • Mass marketing themselves

  • Drive "transient business to the business"

  • Collect Fees & Commissions! 


etab Private Online Ordering Model

etab Online Ordering Model:

  • Custom built for your business online ordering portal

  • Customizable branding & color scheme to match the merchants website.

  • Customizable convenience fee or delivery fees (you keep). You pay a standard low monthly fee of $49 for etab software platform.

Why etab over the competition?

  • Helps build web presence and brand loyalty. Encourages repeat business

  • Business friendly overall cost structure

  • Next Day Funding. No Commissions to payout.


How etab is different in-Pricing 

Competition Pricing Model Examples*:


12%-30% on Cash Or Credit 


$149 per Month + 2.80%  & $0.30- (Cash or Credit) $3.50 & $0.15 (Amex) 


$1.95 per order (Cash or Credit) +

3.05% & $0.30 per credit order


25-30% on each order + busy fees

Credit Card Fees can't find data?

Our etab Pricing model


$49 Monthly for etab software platform

Flat Rate on Credit Card orders

No Cost On Cash orders!

$1.99 Convenience Fee Billed To Customer, Collected In Full By Merchant On Cash and Credit orders. 

*Based on publicly available information & independent  etab research

Comps Etab.png
Smoke House.png

    How Our Pricing Benefits You & Is Different Than

                  The Competition-Pricing Example

    Restaurant Processing $5,000 on 220 Orders

                       Online Orders With etab

Credit: $3,350      (147 Orders) (2/3)

Cash    $1,650.      (73 Orders) (1/3) 


  • $49 Month etab Software

  • $13.45 Monthly Merchant Account Fee

  • $301.50 in Credit Order Fees

  • $0.00 in Cash order Fees

Total Order Fees: $363.95

Convenience Fee Revenue:

$1.99 Earned on 220 Orders (You Keep 100%)

Credit Order Revenue:   $292.53

Cash Order Revenue:     $145.27


Total Convenience  Fee Revenue: $437.80

Net Impact: $73.85 Earned By Restaurants

Our Pricing Logic Is Different 


Convenience fee model provides the merchant with a reasonable way to offset the cost of providing online ordering to their customers

Based on average ticket and transaction volume, the merchants online ordering cost will be below average credit card processing costs, and in some cases, actually earn the business additional revenue.

This creates an incentive for you, the merchant, to offer your customer etab and grow with our platform, replacing other online ordering vendors, and even phone orders.

Merchants can control the quality and accuracy of their online orders by not relying on third parties.

We Now Offer DoorDash Delivery- Now Available With etab Online Ordering

Stop overspending for third party delivery services!

Etab Door dash.png

We are now proud to announce a new pairing, online ordering with DoorDash delivery!

Your customers LOVE delivery; It's fast, convenient, and easy to use. But, third party delivery services end up taking a large percentage of your profit with every order you receive!

etab is now offering a turnkey to leverage the power of DoorDash's delivery network, with the control and convenience of working with etab. You can now offer delivery at a fixed cost per order, that can be completely passed on to your customers. 


                   $8 Flat Delivery Fee Can Be passed On To Your Customer (Average $6-$8)


                   Delivery NO Additional Cost To Merchant. Tips Go To Driver

                    Nothing Changes On Frontend Of etab


All delivery services offered by DoorDash. etab, DoorDash, any merchant services providers and JollyPayments are not affiliated entities and each are solely responsible for their respective products and services.  All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners.

Get Started Today!

New PIC.png

These are uncertain times. as the world stays indoors, that doesn't mean your business has to stop. In fact, more than ever, your customers are counting on you. Online ordering is no longer a want but a need for any business in order to compete in business today.

With our services, fast funding, special pricing and etab, you can offer your customers the same convenience as the big chains without the great cost or complicated set up.

Take Orders from Anywhere!  Your in control of your customer, your brand, and your revenue. Change your menu or product offering daily. Get your funds the next day! Choose etab's online ordering and or etabs Contactless Dine-In. Choose both or just one.


  Our Special Software etab Pricing:

     Curbside     Carryout    Catering     Delivery



         Online Ordering $49 Month

                     No Set Up Costs


Curbside Pickup

text Car JollyPayments.png







Dine-In Contactless Ordering $29 Month

                  No Set Up Costs


White Glove Support from Start to Finish, and Beyond


Our team makes it easy and fast to get up and running with e|tab Online Ordering. We handle everything, including the menu build, install assistance, and training. Once you are ready to go live, our team remains on standby, ready to assist with anything you may need. Your business is our Priority.


Let's us answer any questions you have. We can show you a personalized demo and how it  specifically can work for your business for you business model. Specialty retail, e-Commerce, Food & Restaurant services. 

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