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 Payments > Funding 

              Funding options that fit your business.


                 With Free next day funding! Offer same day funding and Instant Funding, you're in control of your daily deposits.


Switch and Save! 

Keep Your Current POS System. We integrate with most systems. Get your money faster!

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Next day funding.


Remove the worries of turnaround times with our default next day funding option. Receive your funds in just one business day. No extra charges or fees.


With next day funding, transactions from Monday through Friday processed and closed before 10 p.m. ET will be deposited into your bank account the next business day. 

*For Next Day Funding, Certain Guidelines Apply


Same day funding.


Have your funds sent to your bank account the very same day. It's the perfect solution for business with hours past the next day funding cutoff (10 p.m. ET), need cash fast, or want to avoid turnaround times.

Transactions processed and closed by 10:30am ET will be included in your same day deposit. Exact deposit times may vary; contact your bank for information on their deposit schedule.

                          Easy to enable.


                          By default, you're on next day funding. Check your reporting and deposits in your                                                                                  Merchant Portal

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                         What's it cost?


                                          Payments with us means low rates and fast funds.

     With our funding options, you’ll have lower processing rates

                and next day funding (card present transactions)



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