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   Benefits of Online Invoicing &                 Recurring Billing


                           VIRTUAL TERMINAL


A Virtual Terminal is used to process credit cards and ACH transactions from any computer or device with an internet connection from ANYWHERE in the world. This allows you to securely and efficiently handle a series of tasks such as verification, reporting, and processing credit card and ACH transactions. Swiped and keyed transactions can also be accepted. A Virtual Terminal has its own advantages. 

Example: This simplifies the payment process for mail order, telephone, and off-site sales events such as conferences. You also access the Customer Vault, Recurring Billing, Reporting, and many other features through the virtual terminal and all from one login!

              We Make It Simple 

         to run any type of transaction Cash, Credit, ACH, e-Check

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Electronic Invoicing

Online Meeting


                      Simple. Secure. Efficient.

E-Invoicing allows merchants to invoice customers via e-mail and SMS while allowing customers to make payments via an embedded link. Widely used for B2B and direct customer billing. Invoices are generated with line by line detailed information and the ability to customize/brand the e-mail sent to the customer. Simplify your billing today! 

Simple & Intuitive! 

Literally minutes to your first invoice. 

Manage your resources wisely. 

Streamline the billing process by reducing the time it takes to manage paperwork and get paid. 

Real-time Invoice Creation & Delivery 

Encourage faster payments! 


No need for merchants to store sensitive data eliminating the most rigorous of PCI compliance issues! Let us worry about the details! 


Maintain more complete and secure records with our enhanced reporting system. 

No integration required! 

Start sending invoices today without any development or customization!


Learn About E-check ACH

Set It And Forget it!


Recurring Billing

Relaxing at Home

No longer do you need to chase down your customers for their payment information. Once you obtained a one-time consent from your customer to charge their card or ACH will be made automatically on an ongoing basis until your customer cancels the subscription or until the recurring payment plan expires.

Neither merchant nor payer has to be physically or virtually present for the transaction to happen. Use recurring billing with Credit Cards or ACH, e-Check

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Recurring payments are convenient for customers, and they offer significant advantages for merchants, too. Help simplify the payment process while increasing cash flow and reducing overall costs to capture payments. It is a simple an effective way to increase billing efficiency. This is a tool used for submitting and managing recurring, or subscription based, transactions. Completely customizable, reduces costs with manual transactions, and helps enhance loyalty for your brand. Keep your processing & billing SIMPLE with recurring. 

Recurring Types Include: 

Traditional Recurring - Merchant is setup and bills a single cardholder via CC or ACH (e-check) on a specific day for an indefinite or specified amount of time. 


Text To Pay - The merchant can send direct texts to customers to pay right off their mobile phones or tablets.

Discounts - Deduction from the usual cost. EXAMPLE: Sign up for recurring billing and save 10% monthly on your fitness membership. You can even give a straight price amounts like only $10.00

              Just Some Of The Benefits

                  of Recurring payments


Significant cost reductions. You're able to invoice clients using fewer materials (i.e. paper, ink, stamps). There are no more visits to the post office. And you don't have to pay employees to process each statement.

Fewer late and missing bills. You’re able to accept payments around the clock — even after business hours. Plus, your customers no longer have to take time out of their day to find stamps or visit the post office. All deductions occur automatically.

Higher customer retention. Think about all the gym memberships and cable TV subscriptions that continue generating huge revenues simply because the payments remain out of sight and out of mind. Unless a user manually opts out of recurring billing, the payments keep coming.

Enhanced Business image. Recurring billing makes it easier to reduce your organization's carbon footprint. You can promote those environmental savings to your customers and improve your overall business social image.

These features, plus many more, provide businesses opportunities to run and grow from a single platform, all while truly simplify billing.

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