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Business 2 Business & Business To Customer
                      Fast Funding


Virtual Terminal  Digital Invoicing & E-Commerce

               A single platform that unifies every transaction with a single token, whether it happens

                                              in-store, mobile, online or in a self-service setting.

Virtual terminal access in our secure online merchant portal.

                       JollyPayments Gateway is your virtual terminal where you can power all your

                             business transactions and reporting from any computer in the world!


Our world class in-house online omni-channel gateway. Our Gateway Integrates with 135 + shopping carts. Our Gateway offers Quickbooks plugin, e-Check, ACH, e-Invoicing, recurring payments, discounts, surcharging, cash discounts, QR codes, quick click, buy now buttons, card updater, reporting tools, multiple revenue centers in one account, free mobile phone app for mobile transactions, virtual terminal, API, PCI encryption, level III processing and more..

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Everything You Need In One Place 

      A web-based application that allows for accepting payments online, In store and 

                  on the go with our JollyPayments gateway and free mobile phone app.  

JollyPayments Gateway allows you to customize the look and feel of     your gateway with your Logo, custom receipts, custom invoicing. 


PERFECT FOR: B2B, B2C, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesale, healthcare providers, dentists, doctors & law offices, insurance companies, contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, fitness instructors, home based business, billing services, rental management, non-profits, subscription based businesses, retail, radio stations, installment payments, accounting, or any service provider!  

JollyPayments Gateway Includes:
JollyPayments Gateway Includes:

                JollyPayments Gateway Terminal makes it simple

         to run any type of transaction Cash, Credit, ACH, e-Check

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Electronic Invoicing 

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Online Meeting


                      Simple. Secure. Efficient.

  Electronic invoicing enables merchants to invoice customers via brandable email and         allows customers to make payments by following an embedded link. Invoices are                 generated with line-by-line detailed information and automatically converted to PDFs

  that are attached and sent to the customer’s email address.


Set It And Forget it!


Recurring Billing

Relaxing at Home

No longer do you need to chase down your customers for their payment information. Once you obtained a one-time consent from your customer to charge their card or ACH will be made automatically on an ongoing basis until your customer cancels the subscription or until the recurring payment plan expires.

Neither merchant nor payer has to be physically or virtually present for the transaction to happen. Use recurring billing with Credit Cards or ACH, e-Check


Recurring payments (also known as subscription payments, automatic payments, or recurring billing) take place when customers or B2B authorize a merchant to charge them repeatedly for goods or services on a prearranged schedule (monthly, weekly, daily or annually).


Learn about ACH-Echeck

              Just Some Of The Benefits

                  of Recurring payments


Significant cost reductions. You're able to invoice clients using fewer materials (i.e. paper, ink, stamps). There are no more visits to the post office. And you don't have to pay employees to process each statement.

Fewer late and missing bills. You’re able to accept payments around the clock — even after business hours. Plus, your customers no longer have to take time out of their day to find stamps or visit the post office. All deductions occur automatically.

Higher customer retention. Think about all the gym memberships and cable TV subscriptions that continue generating huge revenues simply because the payments remain out of sight and out of mind. Unless a user manually opts out of recurring billing, the payments keep coming.

Enhanced Business image. Recurring billing makes it easier to reduce your organization's carbon footprint. You can promote those environmental savings to your customers and improve your overall business social image.

Power hassle-free payments for merchants

Take your business online overnight

JollyPayments Collect Checkout lets merchants quickly and easily collect payments via custom links, donation buttons, QR codes or checkout buttons. It’s a secure, no-coding-required option for merchants who have a smaller catalog and don’t need the complexity of a full-featured shopping cart.

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Easiest Way To Get Up And Running With e-Commerce Payments Anywhere!  Watch the video-See How It works

JollyPayment Collect Checkout lets you create a modern checkout experience without a team of developers. Can be used anywhere! Use payment buttons, links, QR codes anyway you like-online or in person. Can be used to invoice customers via email or print out QR codes for quick payments or donations on anything. 


Merchants can accept payments without touching credit card detail


Clicks go to a prebuilt checkout page optimized for quick payments




Merchants can offer contactless payments without a card reader

Lets Charity Organizations, Churches

and Non-Profits

collect donations quickly and securely


Merchants can sell any products from their account and include tax, discounts and images



Fewer clicks per checkout takes the friction out of the purchasing process



Let merchants sell products in their native currency


A simple editor to add a checkout button to websites without any coding

Mobile Processing 


Apple / Android Mobile Processing 

Every JollyPayments Gateway comes with our Free iProcess app. You'll have the ability to process transactions on your iPhone or android phone- anywhere at anytime. Each account sync with our iProcess mobile app. allowing real time transaction reporting from your JollyPayments virtual merchant portal. The App has a tip feature built in as well. Key in transactions or use an EMV chip reader connected device.


Customer Present-Cloud 

EMV Credit Card Terminal Integrates Right into your Computer, POS or Pad Device


JollyPayments technology offers the simplest way to integrate EMV and contactless payments.


JollyPayments Customer Present-Cloud transforms any web-connected device, whether desktop, tablet, Android or iOS, into a cloud point-of-sale solution – instantly modernizing older solutions to help merchants remain competitive in changing markets that prioritize EMV and contactless payments. The platform-agnostic API eliminates the need to download individual SDKs or device updates, simplifying compliance with strict regulations, like PCI-DSS and HIPAA.


Benefits of Customer-Present

Cloud Technology

No software downloads 

Simplify chip card payments and eliminate compatibility issues using a true web-based solution, with no need for SDKs or device driver downloads. 

Reduced time to market 

Considerably reduce the development time needed to integrate EMV payments into your solution 

Ideal for environments with strict regulations 

Meet the strictest requirements and minimize your PCI scope by taking all communication off the local network. 

Flexible integration and reselling options 

Choose between building your own product with our Customer-Present Cloud API or taking advantage of our off-the-shelf EMV solution. 


Add seamless payments acceptance to your POS software

Retail and online payments seamlessly combined in a single unified reporting system with all transactions in one place

Fashion Store Clerk

JollyPayments gateway works seamlessly with POS applications running on a PC or tablet, supporting all major card types. It can be integrated using Software Development Kits (SDKs), or can be cloud-based with no need to install software on the POS device. Comprehensive reporting allows you to monitor the performance of a single store or an entire chain in real time.

ChipDNA SDKs make integration simple, with no need for highly skilled developers with payments expertise


Full integration support provided at no extra cost


Industry-leading standards of service availability, security and reliability


Full multi-currency capability for international payments

Support for advanced retail features such as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)


True omni-channel capability — retail, ecommerce, and even self-service


         Easily accept payments via your restaurant terminals

Restaurants must have credit card processing solutions that address their unique needs.
JollyPayments (POS) payment card processing allows restaurants to accept credit and debit cards, plus deliver industry-specific features to drive their business.

JollyPayments Gateway gives restaurant POS software vendors and payment terminal resellers a payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with POS applications on PCs, tablets and handheld devices. It supports the broad range of payment methods used in restaurants today, including pay-at-table, phone or online order, and even curbside collection, kiosk and food truck.

Burger Meal
Street Food


Implement JollyPayments POS integration either through our Software Development Kits (SDKs) or via the cloud with no need to install software on the POS computer or tablet.

ChipDNA SDKs make integration as simple as possible
— there’s no need for highly skilled developers with payments expertise

Full integration support provided at no extra cost

Industry-leading standards of service availability, security and reliability


Today, restaurants need help more than ever. Contact JollyPayments to learn how one simple and fast integration can supercharge your software and help your restaurant customers to not just survive the current situation, but thrive in the months and years to come.

Quick and easy integration with your chosen POS software for the fastest time to market

Face-to-face and online payments seamlessly combined in a single unified reporting system so you see all your transactions in one place


Using Micros at your restaurant Click here


Multiple MID Capabilities

JollyPayments Spot_ExploreFeatures_MID_v

Board and manage multiple MIDs on a single gateway account, and consolidate reporting, manage branches, organize products and more.

So what does that mean for me. Traditionally, a gateway only allows a business to have a single MID. If the business needed more than one (separate locations, different revenue centers, website and retail store, etc) the merchant would have to have separate gateways and transactions and all the reporting would be a total mess. This is where the JollyPayments Gateway's multiple MID management capability delivers results.


Merchant ID (abbreviated as MID) is issued by payment processors as a unique code for identifying merchants and their related transactions. Some businesses require more than one merchant account and therefore have multiple MIDs. JollyPayments gateway allows unlimited MID's to used within one JollyPayments gateway account.

One Gateway Account 

Eliminate time and hassle of opening a new gateway account for every MID

Intelligent Transaction Routing

Straightforward methodologies for intelligent transaction routing using a variety of parameters-including business type, business location, currency, and processor ID-that allow transactions to be distributed across multiple MID's

Consolidated Reporting

Enhanced, consolidated, and more meaningful reporting located all in one interface.

Everything Your Business Needs


                  WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS






No Set Up Fees! $10 Monthly + .10 Cents Per Transaction

Price Includes All Core Features Below 

Our Payment Gateway Core Features

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Virtual Terminal 

Take credit card, ACH, E-check transactions, on phone, in browser or swipe transaction or use  EMV integrated terminal.

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   Customer Vault


PCI compliant encrypted and tokenized customer credit card and ACH account data storage. Tokenization allows merchants to process transactions without transmitting credit card or ACH account data

Third-Party Integrations

Access over 165+ processor integrations and a growing list of 175+ shopping cart integrations.

Web Hooks

Automate payments workflow with instant transactional notifications

QuickClick Shopping Cart

Quickly and easily integrate a website to the gateway with QuickClick, our native shopping cart solution.

Reporting Capabilities 

Search & get detailed insight into transactions. Download any and all reports.

Batch Processing

Upload files to the platform and process large volumes of transactions all at once.

Gateway Emulator

Easily migrate from other gateways without having to rework or reprogram software or applications.

Flexible Integrations Methods

Fully customize and control over accepting payments within your own mobile applications and software with our diverse APIs and SDKs

Recurring Billing

Bill credit card customers on a regular basis by establishing a recurring billing schedule. Add ACH, E-check services.

Transaction Routing

Automatically determine

which MIds to route transactions to debased on 

active routing directives

using a single gateway


Product Manager

Enter and manage product SKUs and keep inventory organized with our unified product database


Collect Checkout

Add your checkout button to collect payments or donations on your website or in emails. Use payment links, QR codes, buttons for the fastest way to start online e-commerce payments.




Reuse tokenization cardholder data from previous transactions without having to store or secure it. The token can be used for subsequent transactions without the cardholder data being re-entered.


Expanded services

Custom build your very own payment platform. One-size-fits-all payment solutions don’t offer the flexibility most businesses need to scale. Build exactly what you need for your business model using our modular platform. Technology that grows with you!

At Cost No Mark up

equipment costs

Monthly $5 / $99 Swiper


Payer Authentication 

Validate the cardholder is actually the shopper, prevent fraud and protect against unauthorized transactions.

Fraud Prevention

Outsmart fraudsters with fraud protection, our rules-based fraud prevention tool, to screen suspicious transaction activity and stay one step ahead of fraud.

Monthly $10. + 0.10 Cents Per Transaction


Quickbooks Plugin

Process transactions, create appropriate accounting entries or mark transactions as paid right within the QuickBooks environment using our SnycPay tool.

Monthly $10. +  0.10 Cents Per Transaction

Monthly $10


Automatic Card Updater

Ensure uninterrupted payments, particularly those with recurring payments, by seamlessly updating card-on-file account information.

$10 Monthly  .29 cents Per Record Fee


Mobile Applications

Accept EMV card payments on a cell phone or tablet with our iProcess turnkey mobile applications for Apple and Android devices.


Electronic Check

Accept and process electronic check payments directly from your online storefront or through the virtual terminal.

Monthly $20 + .40 cents Transaction


Level III Processing

Process payments with our extended transaction data and pass on the enhanced data to the payment processor, giving you the best chance to qualify and save with  the optimal interchange rates.


In-Store Application

Start accepting in-store payments with our lightweight Swipe point-of-sale application along with the compatible EMV certified card readers.


Electronic Invoicing 

Invoice customers right in their inbox and enable them to submit payments with just a few clicks.


$10 Monthly  + .10 Cents Transaction

Monthly $20 + .20 Cents Per Transaction

Pick and Choose These Apps As Your Business Grows! Customize your payments platform to fit your specific business needs by downloading and installing our feature rich product apps in your JollyPayments merchant virtual terminal. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 1.27.53 PM.png

  JollyPayments payment platform is a validated PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider.                                     This is the industry’s highest level of certification.

    PCI POINT TO POINT ENCRYPTION                          (PCI P2PE)



  Ensure cardholder data is not exposed at  any time during a payment transaction with       PCI P2PE, the most secure and effective                                     solution.

      REMOTE KEY INJECTION                                 (RKI)



      Use the cost effective and faster            alternative to the manual process to          automatically and securely complete        payment terminal key injection at the                            point of sale.

    TERMINAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                 (TMS)



      Remotely manage your payment devices          including any necessary firmware updates                required for security or continued

                          EMV compliance.



               Get Your Free Virtual Terminal Demo

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