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Professional Services, Homebase Business, Independent Contractors, B2B, Recurring Payments, and more..


Modern Payment Technology Has Arrived 

         More than a payment-processing tool, Our merchant virtual terminal is an entire payments             ecosystem custom-built to your needs. From billing and collections to sales tracking to                      customer engagement and retention, you’ll find everything you need to run your                                                                              business your way!

       Your Cloud-Based Payment Platform

 Our Virtual payment platform offers multiple product solutions so you can optimize and run your  business, your way. Robust, simple to use, and built for you… Explore our entire suite of solutions or                                                browse them according to your specific needs.


               One of the most powerful payment platforms available, now has more to love. Our Virtual terminal is not just a                            gateway— it comes standard with our "Priority Program" merchant account and includes these great features:


           Get a better sense of your business with the Merchant Dashboard. View daily payments in real-time or breakdown                      payments to see what’s most popular at your business over time. Keep track of your customers’ spending habits,                                                     profitable clients and find out how much your average customer spends.


                                                                                     QUICK PAY
                                          Process Credit Card, Cash and/or Checks in one fast transaction with QuickPay.

                      Comprehensive transactional and financial reports provide a clearer understanding of your business:

                              Deposits       Charge Backs        Monthly Merchant Statements         Settlement         Access Log



                                      Create defaults and set preferences for: Payments, Customers, Loss prevention, receipts,                                                                                             notifications, team members and compliance.

                                                     ONLINE PAYMENT LINKS

       Make getting paid via your website a breeze with our payments links. Just add our custom data fields to your                       website, you’ll be ready to take payments in seconds! Your customers will receive email receipts                                                                                      immediately after every transaction.

                                                   Free On-The-Go Mobile App.

      Free Mobile app to accept payments right from your Apple/Android phone. Our easy to use application that

              allows you to accept mobile card payments (with or without a card reader) and with optional gratuity.

Free Access To Our Virtual Terminal With Every Account

Easy To Use Dashboard. 

Quick Pay Options

Express Mobile App

Customizable Settings. 

Rich Documents and Reports. 

And Much More.

Accept Payments. Manage Inventory.
Process Orders. Go Mobile.


We set ourselves apart from the rest based on the powerful, customized payment tools made to set your business apart from the rest. 


Payment Options


From simple payments to complete order tracking and invoicing, we offer a variety of ways to get paid.


Quick Pay is FREE for any of our merchants. Our Quick Pay solution offer merchants a simple no-cost solution to accept payments. allows you to start accepting payments right away via cash, card and check.


Need a bit more? Our Merchant terminal accommodates complete orders including customers, inventory, shipping and returns with split tender payments. Is there already an open balance? Our Merchant terminal provides a ‘Pay Now’ option within email that allows customers to make a convenient, secure card payment.


Personalized Inventory Management


Since every business need is different, our system allows you to customize inventory or stock with our specialized management tools. Our Merchant software will not only handle your point-of-sale needs, it handles all inventory needs from onboarding to tracking, from simple to complex inventory. Track suppliers, create purchase orders, transfer inventory between locations, and manage numbers on what is and what is not selling, all from our customized system.

Customer Database


No Cost customer database. Capturing information about your customers isn't easy, especially when it comes to payments and history. With our Merchant virtual terminal platform it is all in one place for you.

Create unlimited customers and add them to different categories. Save multiple payments per customer-stores in our customer vault. Search 

order history, add notes for specific customers needs, check for promotions or discounts used, analyze customer spending, create custom data fields for addresses, birthdays, emails, phone numbers and more...

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 3.52.39 PM.png

Rich Robust Reporting


No Cost reporting. Smart merchants know an efficient back office reporting is critical to success. Our Merchant terminal software handles back office functions like payments, inventory, rewards, and order management from a single, beautifully designed web app-virtual terminal.

See transactions and deposits reports to see what is funded. View forecast payable reports and past due reports.

View all payments and customer reports, Search by name transaction, day, etc.. 

Reports show top products, highest sale days, types of sales, customers. You can export daily, weekly and monthly reports at anytime. 

Customizable Payment Widget-Links



Need to add a quick “Pay Now” or “Donate Now” button to your website? You can do this easily! 

Payment Links offers ANY merchant a hosted payments page at NO additional cost and delivers a secure way for their customers to pay without the need for development or direct integration .


Links can be added to your website or just by a URL link you can send via email. Customers just click the link and are sent to a secure payments page. The link will have your logo and business info. The payment page will automatically send the customer a receipt and you notification that payment has been made. 


Already have a website or an email where you’re collecting funds? Charities, fundraisers, school events, or anyone wanting to collect funds through their own branded platform can use our Merchant hosted payments.


Our customizable Payment Widget links directly to your merchant account and allows card payment without you having to handle any sensitive card data. Create one or more customized Links, widgets and track payments.

Payment link.png

Transact On The Go 

         No Sweat!

Apple/Android Mobile Express App

With Mobile Express, accepting credit card payments is as easy as pulling out your phone. Whether you’re away from the register, out and about, or work independently, you can process payments and even accept gratuity, with or without a card reader. This free powerful app. No Cost mobile solution for each of our accounts. Can be used in many ways. 

  • Process Anywhere

  • Backup processing option, if not primary 

  • EMV, NFC, and Swipe Capable

  • Integrates syncs seamlessly with our Virtual Terminal 

  • Digital signature capture

  • Manual batch capable

  • Receipt options with your logo-print, text, email

  • Sales tax capable

  • Tip capable with ability to adjust tips

  • Search customer history charge card on file

Online Support


Customer retention is vital to the growth of any business. Customer retention is based upon positive experiences with our company. Our world-class customer service starts at the top and penetrates to every team member.


Our Merchant interface is simple and easy to use. If you ever need any support we have:

  • Online Help Center-You can find answers to all of your questions.

  • Browse the integrated help videos

  • Detailed features Info with pictures  

  • "What's New" section for updates

  • Submit an idea section-See future products you might want to add for your business

  • Live chat, email and 24/7 phone support

Online Help Center


Four Rings and Resolve.
We’re here to help you 24/7

We know that lost time means lost sales and lost revenue.  That is why we established the Four Rings and Resolve Policy. All calls are answered in four rings or less by an experienced representative.  Just one of the many ways we show you that your business is our priority.

Our Entire Payments System Custom-Built To Your Needs-What's Included


Our Cloud-Based Payment Platform  

PERFECT FOR: Health care providers, dentists, doctors & law offices, insurance companies, contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, fitness instructors, home base business, billing services, rental management, non-profits, subscription based businesses, retail, radio stations, installment payments, accounting, consultants, payroll, memberships or any service provider!  


           What's Included   

       Everything to Run Your Business Your Way!

Free Access and no extra cost with every account

Virtual Terminal                                                      Included


Quick Pay                                                               Included

Customer Database/Vault                                 Included

Robust Reporting                                              Included

Customizable Payments Widgets-Links            Included

Apple/Android Mobile Processing                    Included

Multiple users                                                   Included

Email/Text Notifications                                    Included

Loss Prevention Tools                                      Included

Online 24/7 Customer Support                         Included

           Customize your payments platform to fit your specific business needs by

                         downloading and installing our feature rich product apps.


For Every Challenge, There is a Product

Our Priority Program which includes our virtual terminal offers multiple product solutions so you can optimize and run your business, your way. Robust, simple to use, and built for you… Explore our entire suite of our solutions or browse them according to your specific needs.


Invoicing & Recurring Billing

Make invoicing – and life for all – a whole lot simpler. Easy and automated, Our Invoice can speed up your billing process (which can get you paid much faster).


Invoice. Track. Collect.

Invoicing your customers is now integrated and effortless. Simply customize your invoice framework with a logo, header message and return policy then select a customer, enter the line item detail and click send.

                                                                 SEND & RECEIVE
                                      Sending invoices and receiving payments have never been easier.


     The option to accept credit card payments on a sent invoice makes collecting funds fast and hassle-free.                  Simply create your invoice and hit send. Your customers will receive an email and a text (optional)

                             with a link to view their invoice where they can immediately pay with their credit card.

                      The payment is then automatically collected, and your customer receives an email receipt

                                                                              at the time of payment.

Track the history on each invoice and any outstanding balances, and as payments are received the                                                        status of the invoice adjusts automatically.

          You now have access to recurring functionality and can set up new recurring profiles to make                                                         collecting payments from your customers super easy.

     Click below to learn about the                 the benefits of Invoicing &

                 Recurring Billing

                 View estimated and actual collected receivables from your recurring plans to help

                                                                   with forecasting cash flow.

Simple to create an invoice & send-demo 



ACH (e-Check) provides a fully integrated, web-based and customizable ACH interface that processes, monitors, tracks, and reports single or recurring processing, returns, remote deposit capture and Same Day ACH. Why stop at credit cards when you can cut out the middleman, and collect even more with our integrated ACH processing platform.


Integrated ACH Transactions.
             Piece of Cake.

                Why stop at credit cards? Cut out the middleman, and collect even more with our integrated ACH                                      processing platform. ACH gives you the most cost efficient electronic transactions for your                                                       business and allows you to easily streamline your accounting operations.

                                                  EXPERTISE & PROVEN SUCCESS
Our ACH platform has multiple AAPs (Accredited ACH Professionals) on staff dedicated to providing you with                  an unsurpassed level of commitment and excellence in ACH payment expertise and knowledge.

                                                         RELIABLE & REAL TIME REPORTING
                 Our ACH platform offers you the most 
advanced online reporting capabilities—all in real time. We help                         you measure results with a myriad of checks and balances for all transactions and reports for analysis.

                                      TIER 1 PROCESSOR WITH FED TERMINAL ON PREMISE
Our ACH platform is one of the few processors in the nation entrusted with a Fed Terminal on-site. This gives        you earlier responses for return information and exception handling with the latest possible cut-off times.


Learn More about  saving & benefits of

                     e-Check ACH

Woman Using a Tablet.jpeg


Our B2B Interchange Optimizer works behind-the-scenes to help merchants receive an optimal Level II and III interchange rate for all purchasing and corporate cards.


  Purchasing & Corporate Card Payment Data.

          With the B2B Interchange Optimizer App, you can be confident that your merchants qualify for the best possible                                                                                   rates for all purchasing and corporate cards.


                     Our proprietary technology identifies the proper data fields necessary to meet the preferred Interchange

                                  categories for all major card brands with no additional prompts or data for you to enter.



         Best of all, the app is free for the first 30 days on newly boarded accounts!



                                                                         DID YOU KNOW?
                   Purchasing and Corporate cards are eligible for significant savings when processed with optional enhanced

                                                                                     Level II and  Level III data.



                                                                         LEVEL II & LEVEL III
                    When the B2B Interchange Optimizer App is enabled, our proprietary solution verifies that the additional

                        Level II and Level III transaction data needed for those payments is provided during the authorization,

                                                                           so that you receive the best possible rate.


                                                             LOWER RATES & INCREASED REVENUE
             Lower your interchange effective rate, while increasing revenue. The B2B Interchange Optimizer App is available

                                                                    exclusively in the our Merchant Marketplace App Store.


How do B2B transactions work and How can I save from my current processor.

                                                                                     IT'S AUTOMATIC

                  Just by adding the B2B app and using our Virtual Terminal, you’ll qualify for interchange rates that can

                            be 20-40% lower than standard rates – and you keep the difference.


  The B2B Optimizer automatically recognizes which cards will qualify for lower processing costs. Know more guessing          or adding data fields to hope you get lowered rates on other platforms. Our advanced technology system does it

                        for you, and you access rates that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month.



Offset the cost of processing fees for credit cards. Our Advantage for Surcharging provides merchants with the ability to apply a payment card surcharge—also known as a checkout fee—which is an additional fee a merchant adds to a customer’s bill when a credit card is used for payment.

JollyPayments Advantage.png

            Offset the cost of processing fees

                            for credit cards.



Our proprietary application for Surcharging, provides merchants with the ability to apply a payment card surcharge—also known as a checkout fee—which is an additional fee a merchant adds to a customer’s bill when a credit card is used for payment. Advantage for Surcharging helps merchants offset the cost of processing fees for credit cards and adds a new revenue stream for your business.

Use Advantage for Surcharging via a virtual terminal with Quick Pay, or pair it with one of our table top credit card terminal for retail payments. which is fully integrated with the our virtual merchant terminal. These offerings combined give you the tools needed to provide a surcharge countertop solution.



Our QuickBooks Sync allows you to synchronize financial data from the merchant virtual payment platform to Intuit’s QuickBooks Online tool. Our QuickBooks Sync automatically updates daily transaction data to QuickBooks Online – including all transactions, customer information, invoices, and more!


  Sync Payment Data To QuickBooks
               Online Automatically

 Manually tracking sales data can become an accounting nightmare. With our QuickBooks Sync, merchants can synchronize              financial data from the our Merchant payment platform to Intuit’s QuickBooks Online tool. Our QuickBooks Sync                                       automatically updates daily transaction data to QuickBooks Online, including all transactions,

                                                                        customer information, invoices and more!

                                                                       AUTOMATIC UPDATES 
         QuickBooks Sync saves you countless hours of manual data input into QuickBooks Online. The following data will                   automatically carry over from any Merchant products, including: Invoicing,  QuickPay, Mobile Express,  Retail App,

                                                                           and any integrated countertop terminal:

                Customer Information           Invoice              Payment Data             Historical Data            Automatic Scheduling 


Account Updater

Don’t let declines, expired cards, bank upgrades, etc. bog down your process or prevent you from collecting payment. Our Account Updater automatically updates your customer’s cardholder data so you don’t have to. Now you can keep their info up to date while you keep business on track.


                 Avoid Lost Sales & Delayed Payments.



   Take the tedious work out of updating your customers’ vaulted card information with our Account Updater.

     The Account Updater App automatically updates vaulted customer card account details, keeping                                                 payment information current, eliminating the hassle of manual updates.

          Merchants will quickly see a reduction in declines, cost to manually update card data, and risks                                                             associated with staff handling sensitive card information.

Activate Account Updater today to save time and keep payments flowing seamlessly.

                                                                          HOW IT WORKS
    All vaulted customer card account numbers are sent daily to the card brands, including: Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

        The card brands then send updated information if changes exist and the updates are then automatically applied

                        to the customer’s vaulted card. Our Account Updater will sync a customer’s new account number,

                                         expiration date, closed account, etc., and a reason for the update will be provided

                     Our Account Updater reports display information about the cards that were changed, the reason for the                                                                change, or if the merchant needs to contact the customer.



If you’re looking for real results, you need to look at the data. Our Insights gives you just that… insight into an ever-growing database of clear, accurate data to help you develop focused campaigns, target your customers and, above all, yield big results.


    Integrated Big Data.
            A Breeze

                                              GET READY TO OUTWIT YOUR COMPETITION

With access to a growing database of over 95 billion transactions from nearly 2 billion cardholders, Our Insights                            distills Big Data into Actionable Insights about your customers and local competitors.

    How is my business performing? Our Insights tells you how your business is performing with key metrics and trends                                           on business performance, benchmarked to local competitors, including:


                  Average Purchase Size       Spend Per Customer         Spend Per Day of Week         Spend By Time of Day

                                                                   ACCOUNT UPDATER
                           How loyal are your customers? Our Insights will help you identify customer loyalty and their

                                                                       purchase frequently, including:


             Repeat Customers        Average Visits         Per Customer         Days Between Visits       Days Between Visits

         How can I get more customers? Our insights provides you with deep customer insights enhanced with local                                       demographic information that will help you to outpace the competition, including:

                     Top Demographics                                  Top Zip Codes                                     Customer Segments

           Customize your payments platform to fit your specific business needs by

              downloading and installing one or all of our feature rich product apps.


B2B Level III 

Process payments with our extended transaction data and pass on the enhanced data to the payment processor, giving you the best chance to qualify and save with  the optimal interchange rates.



Insight into an ever-growing database of clear, accurate data to help you develop focused campaigns, target your customers and, above all, yield big results.

Monthly $10


QuickBooks Sync

Process transactions, create appropriate accounting entries or mark transactions as paid right within the QuickBooks environment using our SnycPay tool.

Monthly $20

Monthly $20


Automatic Card


Ensure uninterrupted payments, particularly those with recurring payments, by seamlessly updating card-on-file account information.

Monthly $25


Mobile Card Reader


Electronic Invoicing & Recurring Billing

Invoice customers right in their inbox and enable them to submit payments with just a few clicks. Set up recurring payments for all types of business.



Accept and process electronic check payments directly from your online storefront or through the integrated virtual terminal.

Monthly $25

Monthly $10


In-Store Application

Accept EMV card payments on a cell phone or tablet with our iProcess turnkey mobile applications for Apple and Android devices.

Start accepting in-store payments with our lightweight Swipe point-of-sale application along with the compatible EMV certified card readers.

At Cost No Mark-Ups

At Cost No Mark-Ups

Our Entire Payments System Custom-Built To Your Needs-Sign Up Today!

Every account gets free access to our cloud-based payment system with many free features at NO cost to you! Add any of our featured apps and custom build your very own payment platform.



Manage Your Entire Business From One Login!

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