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High Volume  Program


High Volume Processing Accounts

Credit Card Purchase

Our High Volume Program is interchange + plus pricing, also known as ‘Wholesale Pricing’ are the lowest attainable rates available.  It works by passing through your credit card transactions at their respective interchange rates with only a small markup added.

Interchange plus is the most desirable form of merchant account pricing both for its transparency and potential to allow for lower costs. You pay exactly what the card brands rates are with our fixed margin rate. That's it! Your savings can be thousands.

Credit Card

What Is Interchange?

Interchange is a percentage fee paid by the merchant’s payment service provider at the time of a card transaction to the cardholder’s issuing bank. The interchange fee covers the card issuer’s handling costs including the risk measures performed during transactions. Simply put, interchange is the exact cost the card brands charge to process that specific card. 


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Why Tiered Pricing is Bad

Tiered merchant account pricing is currently the most common form of pricing for credit card processing services. Tiered pricing is not transparent, it's expensive and it's the vehicle for many hidden fees that plague the credit card processing industry. JollyPayments does not use tiered pricing.

It’s Expensive

Tiered pricing is a costly pricing model. At JollyPayments businesses save up to 35% or more on credit card processing charges by switching to our Interchange + Plus Traditional Program.

Conceals the True Cost of Processing

A processor doesn’t disclose the actual cost. Instead, only the processor’s qualified, mid-qualified and non-qualified rates are visible. By hiding interchange fees, a business is never shown the actual cost of its processing. Thus, the processor has the ability to charge markups that are often exorbitant.


Tiered pricing rates are usually categorized as either qualified or non-qualified, although many providers also include a mid-qualified rate as well. In addition to setting their own rate schedules, each provider is free to set their own rules regarding whether a transaction will fall under the qualified, mid-qualified, or non-qualified category. As you might expect, qualified transactions have the lowest processing rates, while non-qualified transactions have the highest. What you might not expect is how much of a difference this determination makes in your actual cost. In general, non-qualified rates can be as much as two to three times higher than qualified rates from the same provider.


Some Processors will quote you a "Discounted Rate" or "Qualified rate" but actually they add "other tiered rates" to your Qualified or Discount Rate making your actual cost two to three times higher. The tiered rates are grouped together on top of your Qualified or Discount Rate. These tiered rates are called "Non-qualified" and "Mid-qualified rates." Most of your transactions will fall under higher rates in a tiered system.


Increased Cost, Same Rates

Tiered pricing makes it possible for a processor to increase a business’s processing cost without increasing its rates. Processors accomplish this by routing a greater number of interchange categories to the more expensive mid and non-qualified pricing tiers. 

Look At Your Credit Card Processing Statement

Look to see if your set up with a tiered program. If you see terms on your statement such as Qualified "Qual", Non-Qualified or "NQual", Mid-Qualified or "MQual", Standard or "STD", Level 1, EIRF, DR1, CNP, Bill-Back ERR, APR BB, EBB, Discount rate.

If you see terms like these? Your are on a tiered program and are paying too much for merchant processing. Switching over to our dual pricing program can save you up to 90% of your processing fees

We can go over your current processor statement and breakdown the costs associated with your current processing statement. 

                 Stop Over Paying For Credit Card Processing!

Next Day Funding

Simplified Batch Processing

No Monthly Minimums

No Processing Contracts

24/7 Technical Support

 Online Merchant  Transaction Center

How is Our High Volume Program Different?

High Volume Program, also know as Interchange + Plus, gives business owners direct access to wholesale pricing. Our Program can save your business up to 35% or more by switching to our Interchange + Plus Program!

Interchange rates are the wholesale processing rates set by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, and they differ according to card type and transaction type. i.e., swiped, key-entered, or online.

With our interchange plus pricing, our small margin is a fixed percentage over actual interchange rates. The markup stays the same regardless of the type of card or how a transaction is processed. The result is a low consistent markup over actual cost.

Colleagues Working Together

         Simple Transparent Pricing. 

We offer fair and equitable pricing, with clear costs, no hidden fees, no crazy bait & switch    rates, no games! We never nickel-n-dime you with ridiculous fees that other traditional                         processors charge. Choose what pricing program works best for you.

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No matter what industry you’re in

We have secure and affordable solutions to help you offer fast and frictionless credit card processing. All our solutions will increase your sales, save you money and make your business more profitable and efficient. 


Forget our competitors and their cookie cutter solutions. Call us today to receive a free consultation! We will tailor a customized merchant program built around your specific business. Partner with us risk-free with no obligation, no startup or hidden costs, and no cancellation fees.

Simple setup. Apply in minutes and get approved in hours. Your equipment will even arrive pre-programmed for your specific business.


Who Is This High Volume Program Perfect For?

Our program is perfect for those businesses that process at least 100K monthly and are looking to save money, process payments on a simple, transparent program without any hidden fees. 

I Want To Save Up To 100% Of My Business Credit Card Processing Fees. Will This Program Help Me Do That?

If your business is looking to offset up to 100% of your processing fees, Then Our Edge Dual Pricing Program would be a better fit for your payment needs. You can learn more here

What about American Express?

We offer our merchants an all-in-one solution with one statement, one deposit and one servicing contact for all the major card brands you accept. That means less paperwork and a simplified back-end process.  We handle you AMEX billing, funding and support in-house. We offer lower rates, next day funding, no monthly statement fees, consolidated reporting in one statement.

Learn more about or OptBlue American Express Program on the bottom of our pricing page -Go here

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