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 Data Security 




The JollyPayments Gateway Platform unifies every point of engagement regardless if a payment is made in-store, on a mobile device, online or in a self-service setting. Our Unified Token Vault makes it easy to deliver a superior payments experience, by enabling one view of the customer.

Tokenization facilitates valuable insights into customer buying behavior, by tracking token use. Merchants can manage their business across all points of engagement and provide a seamless cross-channel customer experience, such as click and collect or buy online/return in store to meet today’s customer expectations.

What is tokenization?


Tokenization is the process which sensitive payment account numbers are substituted for “tokens” that represent the payment account number. This service reduces the PCI DSS scope as it keeps merchants from having to store sensitive payment information on their computer or within their application.

How does tokenization work?


Our Unified Token Vault maintains a unique token value that enables merchants to repeat subsequent transactions without having to store or recollect and enter sensitive payment data. When a merchant initiates a token-based transaction request, the sensitive payment information is loaded and processed behind the scenes.


Reduce the risk of fraud and scope of PCI DSS with Tokenization


With tokenization, the merchant doesn’t have to handle, store and secure any cardholder data which reduces, or even puts the merchant outside of, the scope of PCI DSS.

Improve customer experiences with our Unified Token Vault


Customers want, and have come to expect, being recognized across all channels. In order to deliver this seamless customer experience, it requires a single repository for all payments data. Our Unified Token Vault brings together payments across all channels, providing the data needed by our partners to enable them to develop solutions which support the following types of cross-channel scenarios:


  • Buy online, pick-up in store, upsell in store

  • Buy online, return or replace in store

  • Browse online, abandon basket, visit shop, close sale in store

  • Browse on mobile, use location based services (LBS), send offers for nearby store

  • Shop in store, register product interest, close sale online

  • In-store mobile integration with POS

  • Pay with loyalty points across all channels, accumulate points across all channels

  • Check online whether item is available at store, buy online, pick up in store

Leverage unified data to better understand buyer behavior 


One of the biggest benefits from having all payments data in a single repository is that it provides merchants with all customer information across different channels in one place. Merchants can leverage this customer data to gain insights into where the most conversions are happening, determine marketing campaign effectiveness and help with fraud management.


Future-proof your business with tokenization


Tokenization drives unified data that can be used to shape your business strategy. By investing in a technology platform that captures and delivers tokenized payments data for all sales channels, you can future-proof your businesses and keep your merchants at the forefront of consumer expectations. 

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