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Commercial Payments

    Your solution for turning payments into cash-back                      incentives, easily and automatically.



     Automate 100% of your accounts payable (AP) to reduce cost and generate cash back when paying your suppliers

                The JollyPayments Commercial Payments team and our Accounts Payable Exchange platform capture

                                  these benefits and incentives automatically, freeing you to focus on what you do best.


                  Our integrated ePayables solution turns your cost center into a profit center.

Watch This Video To See How It Works


                  Our consultation is 100% free of charge. In addition, the cost of delivering the automation

                                                     benefit to an organization is $0 hard dollars.

Replace manual processes and reduce overhead while improving security, transparency and cashflow.

  • Pay every supplier in your AP system, seamlessly and securely

  • A single payment instruction file is all you need to pay via ACH, Virtual Card or Check

  • No need to change your bank, ERP or accounting software

  • Our best-in-class team engages suppliers to optimize payments

  • Cashback delivers benefits to your bottom line


              Reduce AP Costs. Earn Incentives and Rebates.


      You give us your payment file, and we take it from there. Our Supplier Activation team secures rebates for you                  with the most advantageous payment terms while negotiating discounted payment fees for your suppliers.                        Our modern, interactive portal gives you full transparency and control. No other commercial payments                                                                              platform provides this end-to-end solution.

   AP Spend Experts





   We analyze your supplier        payment terms to                    determine your maximum      cash strategy. Then, we          renegotiate on your                behalf to secure valuable        in centives.

    All Payments In                One File



 Make all your payments—      ACH, check, card and              more.  — automatically with    a single instruction file.

     Open Solutions




 Our payment solutions            Integrate with any bank,          processor and network.          No need to switch away          from what you already use.

         Seemless                Implementation



 Our team makes it happen,    minimizing internal IT              support requirements. And    you can maintain your            current ERP or accounting      software.

  Agile, Proprietary           Technologies



Reduce payment friction, processing time, fees and risk, with technology not available through any other commercial payments provider.

 Industry Leadership           and Scale



 Our Platform signs billions      of dollars in annual                  commercial spend, and          our Supplier Activation            team are champions of          increased efficiency,                reduced cost and                    maximum incentives,            rebates or cash back.


JollyPayments Commercial Payments is your gateway to all of          these benefits—with a fully transparent interface, deep                  reporting, and real-time insights into payment status

                                 and supplier acceptance.

Here’s How Easily it Works


Our Supplier Activation team works with your suppliers on your behalf to eliminate costly checks and find a payment solution with the best terms

You upload a single payment instruction file showing all approved payments

JollyPayments ePayables platform processes all payments automatically based on agreed-upon terms with your suppliers

Suppliers are paid and invoices are settled and reconciled

You realize cost savings, incentives and rebates—brand new cash-back benefits adding to your company’s bottom line

Analyzing Data

Let’s turn the facts into figures. Find out how much you can save and earn with our integrated payables solutions


              Turn Accounts Payable Into Revenue.


                           Say goodbye to manual check runs, payments and reports. Integrate your payments

                               into a single seamless process that saves time and drives valuable rebates and 

                                     incentives. Our integrated payables solution turns your cost center into a 

                                                                                        profit center!

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