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Drive Efficient and Profitable Commercial Payments

Integrated Payables

Today’s complex payments environment has left buyers and suppliers stalled in costly manual and error-prone payment processes. Our suite of Integrated Payables solutions and services powers the payment engine that drives value with every transaction



Enhancing the buyer and supplier connection


JollyPayments automatically integrates all of your supplier payments from a single payment instruction file. We optimize your efficiency while maximizing discounts and cash-back benefits. It’s really that easy.

Industry Leading Payment Accuracy and Flexibility


Our ACH is a proprietary Fed Terminal switch and integrated solution for all automated clearing house (ACH) transactions. Because it’s owned by our direct partners, we can pass time and cost savings on to you



Activation & Enablement 


Turn your suppliers into partners in profit


Our Supplier Activation team analyzes your monthly spending and designs a payments strategy for maximum cash back to you, the buyer. We leverage our expertise and scale to activate supplier acceptance of your preferred payment method.

Business Team





Save on transactions and become supplier of choice


Our team processors more than $45 billion in commercial card transactions annually, our scale and expertise mean that we can deliver faster payments at the best possible


interchange rate for you, via the method your customers prefer.


Discover a less expensive, more efficient and safer way to manage accounts payable with Virtual Card.

Virtual Card is the safe and efficient way to automate accounts payable and get comprehensive visibility over supplier spend.


You’ll gain greater security and cost savings versus physical plastic and manual/ check payments.

Typing on the Computer

Our Full Suite of Integrated Payables Solutions

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