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Virtual Card

The Benefits of Virtual Cards

Turn Accounts Payables Into A Revenue Generator 


Because payments are delivered through a credit card network, you earn money-back rebates on spending similar to the way consumers earn "cash back" on a credit card.

Minimize Costs


Reduce costs associated with printing, postage, processing, check fraud and labor.

Easier Administration 


Virtual cards are easier and faster to process than paper checks thanks to automated processing and reconciliation, similar to ACH.

Enhanced Security 


Reduced the risk of fraud and gain the security of single-use cards that are locked down using system controls.

Straight Through Payments

Check Out This Way To Get Paid

Make Fast, Secure Virtual Card Payments to Card Non-Acceptors

Electronic payments are faster, safer and more convenient than time-intensive checks. Virtual card is rapidly becoming the electronic payment method of choice for more and more B2B transactions.

But, what if your suppliers cannot – or choose not to – accept your invoice payments via card? How can you still benefit from the advantages of making virtual card payments to these suppliers?


The Answer Is To Pay With JollyPayments Straight Through Payments


Straight Through Payments is a payment strategy that streamlines your accounting process, increases accuracy, reduces costly errors and delays, and improves cash flow.

Buyers Benefit- Make easy, streamlined B2B payments on virtual card – even to suppliers who do not process card payments.

Supplier Benefits- Receive fast, secure, predictable payments with rich remittance data, without setting up card processing.


Both Benefit- Achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and visibility in managing accounts payable and accounts receivable.

         How do Straight Through Payments work?


Through our established card processing platform, we accept your virtual card payment        for the amount intended for your supplier. We then pay your supplier with their                                                   non-card payment method of choice.

Submit your supplier payment

           via virtual card

         We accept your payment through

            our card processing platform

We pay the supplier next day, less a fixed percentage of the payment amount.

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