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The Supplier is at the Center of the AP and AR Convergence


Our team is a leading commercial acquirer, facilitating the payment of card transactions for suppliers, lowering costs at every step in the accounts receivable process.

                                    COMMERCIAL ACQUIRING


                          How We Deliver Supplier Value

          From automated invoicing, buyer-initiated payments and discounted commercial card interchange rates, we make                        it faster, more efficient and more profitable for you to accept payments the way customers want to pay.

  Lower Interchange                 Rate



Our goal is to reduce your effective rate by qualifying your transactions at the best possible interchange levels offered by MasterCard and Visa

    Faster Payment





Card payments with same-day posting and next-day funding improves cash flow, reduces days sales outstanding and improves liquidity

  Greater Efficiency





Eliminating costly checks and manual data entry reduces errors and time spent on manual processes, reconciliation, reporting and collections

         Less Risk






We have the tools and the track record to monitor and manage risk, which means you can confidently increase credit limits

       Stronger                   Relationships





With increased buyer demand for using card solutions, we remove this barrier and increase your customers’ satisfaction with doing business with you.

      More Sales





Card acceptance qualifies you for RFPs with this requirement, helps you retain customers and enables you to grow volumes with higher transactions

At the Center of the Payments Ecosystem


Delivering touchless electronic payments


Our Commercial Payments team is part of Billtrust’s Business Payments Network (BPN), providing suppliers with technology and support to streamline accounts receivable with their commercial customers.

Suppliers receiving payments through BPN via JollyPayments reduce costs and gain efficiencies by receiving automated payments that post straight through to their preferred ERP or accounting system.

Fully integrating end-to-end payment solutions


One of the most important elements of a successful end-to-end commercial payments solution for buyers is to optimize efficiency and value to the supplier’s billing process. Buyers benefit from our role as a leader in facilitating card payments between thousands of buyers and suppliers. It’s a powerful driver of supplier acceptance of your preferred payment method.


If you would like to contact us directly, please call:




We have the answers you need for any payment challenge.

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